54 Dead Miles

54 Dead Miles

Get behind the wheel of your cool cars, collect upgrades and crush zombies. Weird ideas are sometimes making the best games possible out there. The fun of crushing these weird zombies is really what can keep you playing this fun and addicting game all day long.

Directions: Purchase upgrades for your vehicle with money you earn from zombie crushing and then get to the crushing. Use the arrow keys to control yourd different cars in your weird adventures.

Hilarious and very weird zombie style flash game. You need to make it 100000 meters through many fields of zombies using 3 different unique vehicles in this weird game. As you get further into the game and take out more zombies you gain more and more money to upgrade your cars and trucks. The more damage you do to the zombies the more money you get and you can make it further into the weird game each time you upgrade.

Use the arrow keys to move your vehicles, you press space to launch your rocket boosters when you get ot the 3rd vehicle.

Here you can see the initial car which is the van, already covered in blood in this weird one we will keep taking out more zombies so we can save more money for the next car.

The truck is awesome compared to the van, it does tons of damage as you can see from the weird screenshot with body parts flying all over the place above.

And the final truck is the sickest of them all. Weird enough it has a rocket launcher on the back of it to help you get to the end of the game.

This game is not very difficult but we thought it was pretty fun.

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