Double Win

Double Win

Directions: Use the arrows to move and jump, use the space bar to unload your little helping hand.


Double win is a fun, addicting but very weird puzzle style flash game. You need to make your way through each of the strange interesting levels and find your way to the heart to get off the level. You need to figure out each little puzzle as you make your way through the weird world of double and his little friend.

Doublewin was created by gamesfree who always seem to do a good job with their weird games. This game was challenging enough and fun enough that we really enjoyed it when doing our review. We hope you like this game and think it belongs on our site with the other weird games in our collection.

Arrow keys will help you move through each of the levels, You press up to jump when you have to get up somewhere and you press space to let you little friend out so he can help you through your weird journeys.

Each level has a simple puzzle that you will have to figure out using your weird brain.
Here you meet your friend who will help you solve the future puzzles and help you get through each of the weird game’s levels.

As you can see the levels get progressively harder and weirder as you travel on each board.

If you ever get stuck on a level you can press the start over button at the top of the screen to get a fresh start.

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