Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem

In this weird gun shooting game you’re a little goblin out to try to destoy your enemies in some awesome action packed levels. Each level has different terrains and weapons as you try to eliminate your weird opponent.


This game features some really cool levels and weapons. As you play longer you get more and more new guns and even bombs and dynamite. The enemies look weird and the levels are fun, This game can be very addicting and might waste a good portion of your day if you are not careful.

Directions: Use the arrow keys to move around and the [ and ] keys to fire your weapons one way or the other.

You are the weird gun mayhem blob in an arena style fight to the death. You have all sorts of cool weapons at your disposal in this weird game. You can shoot pistols and fully automatic weapons and even dynamite and bombs on some of the levels. As you play other weird and cool weapons will be dropped into the arena to fill your needs and you will be able to use them to take the enemy out.

The weird goal of this game is to shoot your opponents off the edge of the arena. Keep shooting and shooting while they are in the air and you can knock them clean off the different levels.

Use the arrow keys as well as the [ & ] keys to control your weird character and shoot your different guns.

Gun Mayhem has lots of awesome levels. Choose from any of hte weird arenas to shoot to the death.

The further you play into the game the more weird and awesome weapons you open up. Automatics can really give you a leg up on the opponent.

Typical start of the match, you are both dropped into the arena, Now the fight begins.

As for weird games, this one is pretty fun. We had a really hard time stopping the game play on this one and had to play the game all the way to the end. The game gets progressively harder as you get to the later levels and start to fight off the bosses and new weapons are introduced for you to try. This game gets an A+ from out staff!

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