Lance Lost

Lance Lost

In the strange world of Lance , we are lost in a weird games little world of craziness. You need to find useful items and get your way through the weird little world of lance in this game.

THis game from pandazone has all kinds of achievements to pass as you play along. This weird game is a great deal of fun and we think that it was a great time waster for work or school or wherever you may be playing some weird games. You can select from several levels once you get going through the game including the boss levels that are a bit more difficult.

Directions: Use the arrow keys, read instructions as you get going through the game for more information on this weirdness.

Help Lance along in his strange adventures and while you are on your merry little way you will meet lots of new challenges and fun things. You will be able to gain abilities as you travel through his weird world and find your way to fight several cool bosses.

You will make your way through many various levels and meet interesting and weird people along your journey in this weird game.

Lance will gain new abilities, the first you will find is the ability to jump. This will open up all sorts of new ways to play the game and fun stuff to go along with it.

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