Llama in Your Face

Llama in Your Face

Doesn’t get too much weirder than games that have to do with Llamas does it. In this game you control the Llama while bouncing up and down on your trampoline. Use Llama spit to win the game.

You are a bouncing Llama, Zoo visitors don’t respect your privacy, Defeat them by spitting on them!

Directions: Use the mouse to aim and shooter your spit. Collect things from the visitors after you spit on them for extra points. Improve your score by having combos! Hitting multiple visitors without missing will award you extra coins. Watch the combo bar at the top. When you see this, your combo is gone, if you hold out long enough Agent Llama will make a supply run, make sure you hit the weird crate when it flys by. This game is really weird, but a great deal of fun.

Help the Llama spit on zoo visitors that are coming into the zoo to make fun of them. Being a Llama at the zoo you get sick of all the incoming weird visitors who come to poke and prod you at the zoo. Zoo visitors aren’t respecting your privacy so like in a weird zoo way you have to spit on them.

This is a weird game, but it is somehow fun and addicting at the same time, nothing like spitting on people for fun and points.

Hot Keys

P= Pauye

M = Mute

1-5 Use Items

R Restart Level

Esc = quit to menu

Some advanced tactics

Here you can see the Llama getting ready to spit on a visitor. Jump up and down and spit your weird little llama head off.

As you keep playing you see more and more visitors entering the zoo. Keep jumping, keep spitting and even eventually you can level up.

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