Sometimes when it comes to flash games the simpler games are the best games there are. Get your levo through the levels as fast as possible and hit the yellow buttons to finish each weird little trip.

directions:Use the arrow right key to move and use the up arrow to jump.

Levolution Synopsis

A hugely addicting but also very weird flash game, Levolution brings some nice 8 bit fun to your computer screen. This game is wildly fun and addicting and you will get caught playing it for hours if you are not careful. The further you travel into Levolutions weird little world the more and more cool stuff will pop out at you in the process. Keep going farther and you will open more and more obstacles and weird stuff to get past.


This is a simple game, just use the arrows to move and up to jump.

Screen Shots

Levolution weird world
This game has some weird but simple graphics, very fun and addicting game.

Levolution world
The further you play the more obstacles you will find.

Levolution Jumps
Here you can see bouncing boards.

We here at had a great time reviewing this site. Not much work got done around here for a while because we couldn't stop playing this game. The best flash games are typicall the simplest because they don't take as much brain power and you can just concentrate on having fun. This weird game is one of the best we have ever posted on the site and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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