This game is not only weird it's also pretty cool. You can create your own levels and also play other peoples user levels. 42 weird levels of fun for you to enjoy in this nutty flash game.

directions:Use the mouse to aim and cliock to launch a squirrel to the nut.

Nutty Mania Over View

In nutty mania you are a weird cat being tossed around by a weird elephant to collect your nuts. Just like most of the games on the animal games site you are playing with these weird little animals as your main characters in this game. All in all this is a very entertaining game, Go collect your nuts you nutty person.

Each level in nutty mania gets prgressively harder and they start to introduce more and more tricks as you get going. Some of the levels are a bit weirder than others and you need to use your weird squirrel to figure them out.


Use the mouse to choose the angle and power of your shot. Shoot the nutty squirrel with your weird elephant and collect all the nuts in as few of shots as possible to get a higher score.

Screen Shots

Nutty Mania Levels
Choose from the 42 levels and more open up as you achieve full weird nuttiness and progess through the game.

Level Score
Your are given a star rating as you pass the levels, 3 stars is the best score you can get

Nutty Screen Shot 4
You can see as you get to the higher levels they get weirder and weirder for this game. On this particular level you have to throw the squirrel into a volcano and collect the nuts as you zig zag down the path to the bottom. This game gives you a lot of different fun boards to choose from.

Weird Nuts
Again, another cool level here where there is all kinds of weird stuff going on. They start to introduce more and more obstacles and choices as you play father into the game.

Overall we really liked this game, we find that if you are looking for addicting weird games this is one that you might really enjoy.

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