Scientists find out we are not alone in the universe and send people over to the purple planet. Your job is to investigate the new strange planet and find its secrets.

directions:Use the mouse to click and interacti with various things on the purple planet.

Purple Planet Synopsis

You are on a weird planet lost in space, and you need to find your little poochy dog. If you are liking the dog theme check out and play some awesome dog games over at our friends website But stick around on the purple planet and unravel its secrets while you try to find your lost dog. You have to click around the various rooms and interact with the scenery and try to unravel all the secrets.

This game requires some patience and has a decent to tough learning curve. You need to really try hard to figure out the different puzzles associated with the different rooms. After some time you will start to figure out the weird secrets of the purple planet.

Screen Shots

Purple Planet1
One of the weird rooms on the planet.

Another weird games room
Some of the rooms are very weird, you need to figure out which objects to use in what order to use them.

Another weird room

You need to get your space ship working so you can get out of this weird place.

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