Sticky Linky

Sticky Linky

Directions: Use the mouse to click on various linkys and click on them to make them go away.


Eliminate all of your sticky links in this very strange puzzle style flash game. You need to click on the various links and eliminate joined up colored links and then when adjoined links are clicked they dissapear. You get bonus points for large linkys and then you eventually need to remove them all.

Sticky linky is a bit weird for a puzzle game but you will really enjoy playing it if you like strange games.

Every click costs 1 mana point, combos earn you 2x or larger bonuses. As you get further into the game you need to avoid other obstacles and animals coming into to eat your sticky linky’s

After each level you get a bonus score, the better you eliminate these weird blocks the better the score you will get.

Lots of bonuses being shown in the Sticky Linky weird game.

As you get further into the game more and more cool levels are available.

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